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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tounge Twisters

Say these tongue twisters three times very quickly
1.      Seven slippers nails stepped on a stick snake
2.      Of  all the saw that I never saw, I never saw a saw to saw like this saw
3.      Who bit the bold bald bear on the shoulder on the shoulder  on the boulder and make the bold bald bear on the boulder?
4.      This shop sells smelly, short socks.
5.      Think teeth think, think teeth think.
6.      If you notice a notice on a notice board, you will notice that the notice on the notice board is not real notice.
7.      Five frothy fishy frogs fries flies on a fish farm.
8.      Benny painted the belt black so he can get a black belt for Bent.

Created By:
 Asyraf 5 Amanah

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